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Getting Your Marriage License
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New York

From the Office of the City Clerk

The fee for a marriage license is $35 in NYC (check your local municipality for the exact cost in your area) payable in money order only. No other method of payment will be accepted.

A New York State marriage license is valid for 60 days (except for active military personnel for whom the validity runs for 180 days) and can only be used in the State of New York. A blood test is not required to obtain a marriage license in the State of New York.

Both the prospective bride and groom must appear together in person to apply for a marriage license. The application must be completed in our offices. The application consists of an affidavit wherein the applicants list various personal details such as their name, address, and birth place, date of birth, social security, and marital history and make a sworn statement that there are no legal impediments to the marriage. Applicants who have been married previously must list all prior marriages on the marriage license application. They are required to supply their prior spouse's full name, the date the divorce was granted and the place the divorce was filed and may be asked to produce the final divorce decree. All divorces, annulments, and dissolutions must be finalized before applying for a new marriage license. If you are a widow or widower, you must provide your deceased spouse's full name and date of death. The marriage license is generated based on this information. It will be prepared while you wait, and you will take it with you upon your departure. You must wait a full 24 hours before your marriage ceremony can be performed unless you obtain a judicial waiver.

All applicants must bring valid forms of identification when applying for a marriage license. Expired forms of identification will not be accepted.

Valid forms of identification are as follows:

1. Driver's license (from the United States or one of its territories)

2. Non-driver's identification card (from the United States or one of its territories)

3. Learner's permit from New York State only

4. Active duty United States military identification card

5. Passport

6. United States certificate of naturalization (issued within the past ten years)

7. United States permanent resident card with valid expiration date

8. United States employment authorization card with valid expiration date

You are advised to carefully consider whether to change your surname or not. The various options are listed on the back of the application. Whatever your choice of surname it will be final and the only way you will be able to change it is by marrying your spouse for a second time. Although you may amend other mistakes in your marriage record a surname choice is not considered a mistake and therefore cannot be amended.

A marriage license which is lost or is returned to the Office of the City Clerk in a mutilated condition must be replaced with a duplicate marriage license at a cost of $25 payable in money order only.

If you are under the age of eighteen and wish to obtain a marriage license, please continue to read.

If either prospective bride or groom is under the age of eighteen years but over the age of sixteen years, written parental consent is required to obtain a marriage license. If either prospective bride or groom is under the age of sixteen years, in addition to parental consent, the written approval of a judge of the Supreme Court or Family Court is needed. If you are less than 18 years of age be prepared to show proof of your date of birth. Such proof of date of birth may be one of the following: original or certified copy of birth certificate, baptismal record, passport, driver's license, naturalization record, or court records. In all instances where either prospective bride or groom is under eighteen both parents must be present with valid identification at the time of application for the marriage license and at the marriage ceremony if the ceremony is performed in our offices. If one parent is deceased, the surviving parent must appear and a death certificate for the deceased parent must be produced. If both parents are deceased, the legal guardian must appear instead. A person under the age of fourteen cannot be married.

NOTE:  Since laws may change at any time, please check with your local County Clerk's office for updates before applying for your marriage license.

From 2-1-1 United Way


Before getting married in Connecticut, you need to obtain a marriage license.  There is a $30 fee paid at the time of application.  A blood test is not required in Connecticut.  The legal age for marriage in Connecticut is 18.  If you are under age 18, you need to obtain parental consent.  If under age 16, consent must also be endorsed by a Probate Judge.


Couples need to bring the following documents to the Town Clerk in the town where the groom lives, the town where the bride lives, or the town where the couple will have the marriage ceremony:

  • Bride and groom's valid form of identification (driver's license, resident ID, passport or a birth certificate)
  • $30 Marriage License fee
  • Completed Marriage License Application (can be downloaded or filled out at office)

The bride and groom must appear, individually or together, in the Town Clerk's office to sign the marriage license.  A marriage license can often be obtained the same day, but check on your town's requirements. 


Marriage ceremonies must be performed within 65 days of the date of issue of the marriage license. Judges, retired judges, justices of the peace, family support magistrates, and state referees may join persons in marriage in any Connecticut town.  Ordained or licensed clergymen, belonging to Connecticut or any other state, may also join persons in marriage, as long as they continue in the work of the ministry. 

NOTE:  Since laws may change at any time, please check with your local County Clerk's office for updates before applying for your marriage license.

New Jersey
Department of Health & Senior Services

Marriage Application (REG-15)
and Instructions

What should you bring with you, when you apply for your marriage license

  1. If you are divorced or have had your marriage annulled, bring the divorce decree or the civil annulment documents.
  2. Death certificate, if your former spouse is deceased.
  3. A copy of your birth certificate, drivers license, passport or state I.D.
  4. Proof of your residency.
  5. Your social security card or social security number, as per NJSA 37:1-17.
  6. A witness (18 years or older) who knows both the male and female applicants.
  7. A $28.00 fee.

Your social security number is not subject to Right to Know laws and will be kept confidential.

If any documents are in a foreign language they must be accompanied by an English translation.

Where application shall be made:

  1. If the female applicant is a resident of New Jersey, the application is to be made in the municipality where she resides.
  2. If the female is not a resident of New Jersey but the male is, the application is to be made in the municipality where he resides.
  3. If neither are residents of New Jersey, the application is to be taken in the municipality where the marriage is to be performed.

Do not sign the marriage application prior to going to the Municipal Registrar. You must sign the application, while under oath, in the presence of the issuing authority.

There is a 72 hour waiting period between the filing of the application and the issuance of the license. This 72-hour waiting period begins at the time the application is filed with the Local Registrar.

The marriage application is valid for six months from the date accepted, unless the registrar has granted prior approval to extend the validity of the application to a maximum of one year. Only one marriage license may be granted from a marriage application, if the license expires prior to being used a new application must be made. The only exception to this requirement is in the case where a civil and religious ceremony are to be performed on the same day. In this case, photocopy the marriage application marking one “A” and one “B”, issue the corresponding marriages licenses, marking them “A” and “B” as well.

NOTE:  Since laws may change at any time, please check with your local County Clerk's office for updates before applying for your marriage license.

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